Career Acceleration Strategies

4/8/2019, By Sze-Yen Chee


1.     Always have a PLAN for your Career

There are no guarantees for permanent employment anywhere. Have a mental map of where you want your career to go, and keep an eye out for opportunities that would get you one step closer. Such opportunities include projects that increase your visibility, memberships, training, speaking engagements, etc.  Developing a career plan ensures that you can continue moving your career forward.


2.     Continuously upgrade and develop

Know your strengths, and continue to develop them further. Pick up projects and initiatives that would utilize your strengths. Figure out additional training (adjacencies, development areas) every year. Look for mentors and trusted advisors to give objective feedback.


3.  Figure out the DNA of your Corporate World

It’s important to fit into the culture of your corporate environment and to be liked, in order to get ahead. Be aware of the drivers and focus of the management; be aligned with their vision for the organization, so that you can pick up or be involved in relevant initiatives.


4 Communicate Effectively

It’s easy to say “Communicate more effectively”, but it’s not easy. The biggest challenges comes from misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Do ensure your messages are clear, concise, understood and accepted. When in doubt, it’s better to overcommunicate. Pay attention to how you text, email, call or speak. Actively listen, rephrase and check for understanding.


5 Teamwork across cultures, generations and functions

Everyone has different work styles. Effective communication (see Pt 4) plays a major part in ensuring teams work smoothly together. An open mindset to what others have to offer and embracing diversity more often than not results in better outcomes.


6 Manage Conflicts and Problems effectively

There will always be problems, speed bumps, challenges and obstacles. How you handle them can show your leadership potential. Remain calm, rational and diplomatic.


7 Continuously Network

Continue to build and nurture relationships both within the organization and across the industry. Nurturing relationships within the organization would enable you to navigate the corporate more effectively and possibly increase your influence. Industry networks helps you keep an eye on trends, competitor movements and useful information to help you stay ahead of the game. Career opportunities usually surface via network too.


8 Strengthen your Leadership Skills

Learn from the leaders you admire. Emulate how effectively leaders communicate and strategize. Learn to delegate, influence and find opportunities to increase your visibility.


9 Pay attention to your Reputation

Your personal and professional brand needs careful management. How you communicate, how you dress, how you behave and what you put on social media, are just a few things that could make or break your reputation. What do you think people would say about you when you’re not in the room? You could be passed over for a promotion or not get the job you’ve been interviewing for because of something you may not even be aware of.

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