Career Burnout - Part 2

11/20/2019, By Adrian Choo

Part 2 of Career Burnout. My personal sharing. It was in Sep 2017 that I started getting bouts of fatigue. After 12 years of running my own business, I had spent 2 years in a US MNC and was simply not enjoying the bureaucracy under an unpleasant boss who was just parachuted in. I kept falling ill and often lost focus at work, even though I was hitting my targets. I was dragging myself to work. The breaking point came when my then 9 yr old daughter, Mia was hospitalized due to a traffic accident and I was very traumatized by it. (I still get flashbacks and PTSD till this day). I had to take time off but was told to focus on my work, which I couldn't. I felt weak and vulnerable. That was when I realized If I didn't take drastic action, I would have a breakdown. I was getting Burnt out. So I quit to start my own business...and I felt so much better, almost immediately. Now, I'm not asking you to quit when facing Burnout. But you need to know when to take action to protect your mental health and find out what really brings you happiness. When I was facing my Burnout Moment of looking after Mia and managing my job, I decided to choose what's important to me...and that sure wasn't my job. Speak to your Coach.