Career Burnout - Part 3

11/22/2019, By Adrian Choo

Part 3 of Career Burnout. What you can do. I shared in Part 2 about my Burnout Experience in 2017. My symptoms were : 1. Fatigue 2. Migraines 3. Mood swings at home. 4. Loss of focus 5. Poor memory 6. Insomnia Here's what I would recommend if you experience these symptoms as well. 1. Take a "ME" Break Take a week off work. Just catch up on your sleep or spend time by the pool/beach to reflect or even think of nothing. Recharge those batteries... And leave your mobile at home. 2. Speak to your Mentor/Coach. You might get a radically different point of view from an external party that could help frame things in perspective. 3. Plan your next moves. What exactly are you unhappy/tired with? Is it your work, boss, office politics, industry, etc? Isolate the root causes and take appropriate action. 4. See a doctor. Sometimes, prescription meds to calm your nerves or just to help you sleep better can work wonders to your state of mind. Also, a 3 day MC never hurts. Burnouts are getting increasingly common, given the work pressures we face. Don't neglect your Mental Health.