Use up your annual leave to take time off work

11/26/2019, By Adrian Choo

If you only had 1 week left to live, would you turn up at work? That's what my Mentor once asked me. Why are you putting so much into your job at the expense of things that are far more important? 1. Your family 2. Your relationships 3. Your health 4. Your passion Now that we're moving in to the year-end season, take your foot off the accelerator pedal... Cruise a little and use up your annual leave to take time off work. Some suggestions. 1. Take the short trip to somewhere 2. Spend the day with your spouse/partner 3. Catch a movie (Frozen 2?) with your kids 4. Chill by the beach all by yourself. 5. Read a book. Take a day (or two) off... Nobody's gonna notice.