December - A month to network!

12/13/2019, By Adrian Choo

I'm finally back from my family vacation, with some ideas to share As Dec is a quiet month, use it to NETWORK like mad! Use Christmas as an excuse to send out "Seasons Greetings" to your old bosses, colleagues, headhunters, etc... Just use this as a reason to reconnect! Send them a short note, update them briefly about yourself, and ASK THEM OUT! (If you feel they are high value targets). Remember... It's not who you know... It's WHO REMEMBERS YOU when the Job Opening comes up! So... Let me set you a goal. Make a target list... And send out at least FIFTY Greetings... And try to score at least FIVE (meaningful) Meetings this December.. Let's see how many of you can succeed in this hashtag50greeting challenge!