What is the most useless section of my CV to exclude?

12/16/2019, By Adrian Choo

Dear Adrian, what's the most useless section of my CV I should exclude? Sam. Dear Sam... Imagine walking into a restaurant and looking at the menu. Right at the top is a section about what the restaurant's Objectives are. "We strive to feed you and make you enjoy your dining experience. We want to be the Restaurant of Choice whenever you are hungry. We seek the #1 position among all other restaurants in the area.... etc, etc..." Do you even bother to carry on reading? 16 years of reading thousands of CVs, I've never bothered to read the "MY CAREER OBJECTIVES" section. I just want to jump straight into to juicy bits. Honestly... Who cares what you want? I just want to know whether you can help solve my client's problems. And you're taking up a whole chunk of prime real estate on your resume just to tell me your aspirations? Just exclude it... And focus on your Skills, Achievements and how you can leverage these to solve the Hiring Manager's problems.