Lessons from binge-watching hours of SharkTank

1/2/2020, By Adrian Choo

Lessons from binge-watching hours of hashtagSharkTank over my Christmas holidays. Many of you would know of the TV show Shark Tank, where wannabe Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to Billionaire Investors for money. It kinda reminded me of Job Interviews and here are some observations I've made if you want to succeed in the Tank. 1. Be likeable, be serious. Many walk onstage arrogantly or in some ridiculous costume trying to impress the Sharks. They are seldom taken seriously and are almost immediately written off. Smile and turn on the Charm. Always be Professional. We hire people we like and respect. 2. Know your numbers. The fastest way to lose a Shark is to be unfamiliar with your Product Features or even Sales numbers. You need to have all market data on hand to show your interviewer you're the expert. Impress them with your knowledge. 3. Know your target audience. There are 5 investors, like a panel interview. You need to know who your targets are. Who's the decision maker and who's the influencer. Tailor your pitch to them. Interviews don't need to be as stressful as Shark Tank. Just be prepared and get that Job!! And btw... I love Mark Cuban!