Never smile at someone else's misfortune.

1/3/2020, By Adrian Choo

Never smile at someone else's misfortune. A close friend asked me whether HK's protests and instability was going to benefit Singapore's job market... Here's my reply. 1. The Private Banking sector, yes. I've heard that funds started pouring into the SG Market from July and some bankers hit their 2019 targets by September. Apparently, there'll be record bonuses for them in 2019. 2. On the job front, the uncertainty has caused US /European companies to put expansion plans on hold. At least 4 roles I know of have been frozen in the past 3 mths, so, we'll see fewer opportunities for now. 3. We've also been receiving an influx of CVs coming in from HK-based expats looking for jobs in Singapore. This means increased competition for us here in Singapore. On the whole, Regional Peace brings Regional Prosperity. I cannot understand how some folks rub their hands gleefully when they see HK burn... Let's hope HK resolves itself soon... Or perhaps, for Businesses to get so used to the turmoil they just go ahead with expansion anyway. What are your thoughts on this?