Some Politically incorrect thoughts here.

1/19/2020, By Adrian Choo

1. Yes, let's have more mid-Career Switchers join the Civil Service... It can provide a buffer for those who want to exit the private sector. Also, don't Age-discriminate! Hire those above 55 even! Make it a KPI! 2. Let's make the entry salary a bit more aligned with the private least for the first 12 mths. There is already a CSP scheme where salary is subsidised (20 to 40%) for 1 yr for those over 40. Let's give these Career-shifters some time to adjust to a lower payscale. 3. It's not just about Recruitment, it's about Retention and Retraining... I know many who moved to Public service and left after 6 mths due to Culture shock. (One left because she was a Senior VP and the CEO asked her to take orders and run down to buy Bento Meals for the department). Let's all have a wider conversation, rather than just Election-time sound bites.