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1/18/2020, By Adrian Choo

Met a rider who was out of job for a year after retrenchment and now being employed as Head of a department. He told me he had to undergo few job mismatches by e2i and in one instance, the recruiter of potential company, Certis Cisco got to call e2i to inform job mismatch as candidate is over qualified. I began to wonder how many job mismatches done by e2i to those poor job seekers. Don't they have qualified leaders to lead them in matching the jobs? The rider told me he was eventually contacted by a headhunter a few month later. The headhunter read his LinkedIn page which was improved and guided by Adrian Choo The Career Strategist. And now, he has time to scale and hike few mountains around the world. Next year, he will attempt Base Camp of Mount Everest! Wow! Not bad for 55 years old guy!