"Adrian Choo is an absolute Jerk! "

1/20/2020, By Adrian Choo

"Adrian Choo is an absolute Jerk! " That's what a client said about me back in 2015.
She had been in Logistics for 12 years and wanted to make a career-switch into headhunting. "It has always been my dream to be a hashtagheadhunter." She shared, as she came to me for hashtagCareerAdvice. I told her, "Thanks to hashtagLinkedIn, headhunting is a dying industry. Don't ruin your career. Moreover, having done this for a decade, I don't quite think you have the personality to make it." She got upset at my advice and told all her friends that I had destroyed her dreams...and that I was a Bad Guy for doing that. I bumped into her last weekend and she came up to apologise to me. She is now a SVP of Logistics in an MNC and said that "frank, tough advice" was the Truth that she needed to hear...and that I was right.
So, if you want to hear cheery, Rainbow Unicorn Advice from a Career Coach, go find someone else. If you need the Plain Truth told in an honest fashion about your long term Career Strategy, speak to us. Which would you rather have?