S’poreans no longer have to declare mental health condition in job application forms

1/21/2020, By Adrian Choo

I applaud the Ministry of Manpower for driving and implementing this new Regulation.
My friends know I'm a BIG Advocate of Mental Well-being. Statistics show that One in Seven people in the workforce have suffered a mental episode at least once in their life and I suspect in stressful Singapore, that number might be higher. Having to declare Mental Illness on forms is not only discriminatory, it forces people to lie, or worse still, not seek Professional Help when needed. Let me share a dirty little secret with you. You would be extremely surprised to learn how many C-Suite Leaders I know who are on some form of Medication. From Prozac to Lexapro to Xanax. Some even jokingly view them as 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' simply because the workload is unbearable. I'm happy the Authorities are proactive in this area. If you are facing Stress-related issues, go speak to a Healthcare Professional now.