Start Your Own Business

1/22/2020, By Adrian Choo

If you're thinking of starting your own business... It's almost 2 yrs since I started Career Agility International. The journey has been an exciting and rewarding one. We get clients who are considering hashtagEntrepreneurship. Here's some hashtagCareerAdvice.
Possess the Domain Knowledge and Networks before you even start. There's no time for learning curves in the market. Career Consulting was adjacent to my
hashtagHeadhunting life. ⚁ If you need to fail, hashtagFailFast. Give yourself 6 mths to figure if the business has legs to stand on, otherwise pull the plug and find a job. ⚂ Get a like-minded Partner. Our success today wouldn't be possible without
Sze-Yen Chee who's backed me up all the way. ⚃ Watch your finances. Besides Start-up Capital for the business, Do you have enough cash to last 6 mths for your family expenses? Sometimes, clients take forever to pay! ⚄ Do you have your spouse/partner's buy-in? The long hours, tough grind, non-stop hustling can put a strain on your relationship. Make time for him/her. Entrepreneurship is tiring but rewarding...and I wish you the best of luck!