Keep Calm and Carry On

1/23/2020, By Adrian Choo

I still remember the 2003 SARS period. Everyone was terrified and on crowded trains, people leap off at the next station whenever they heard somebody cough. Singapore was totally unprepared. Our northern neighbours however, were not flustered. The Malaysians had the processes and systems in place to manage any outbreak. This was because they had encountered the NIPA Virus 4 years before and had learnt how to handle it. I'm not overly concerned over this Wuhan Virus as I think Singapore has learnt from the SARS Outbreak. We now have resources and protocols in place to mitigate the spread. In an ironic way, SARS 'inoculated' Singapore and we know how to manage it...I am quietly confident our leaders can handle this. But do stay away from people who are coughing... It's the Chinese New Year weekend coming up and you want to be hale and hearty to welcome the Year of the Rat! Take care, Everybody!