The Real Impact of the 2019 nCov Virus

1/24/2020, By Adrian Choo

The Real Impact of the 2019 nCov Virus I spoke to an expert and here's what he shared. The risk to Singapore will be more Economic than health wise. Unless the nCov virus mutates, it probably wont be as dangerous as SARS. It has a lower infection (R0) and fatality rate... but the disturbing part is the mass human migration during the Chinese New Year might amplify the spread, making it harder to contain. I'm quietly hopeful Singapore won't be too badly hit by the Virus, given the precautions that are underway. However... SARS took about 5 months before it was contained. Given the scale and scope, I believe it will take a lot longer to contain 2019-ncov this time. In the meantime, the China Economy will be handicapped. Singapore, being dependent on China's numbers, is going to take a very very bad hit. So, do be prepared Job-wise for changes ahead. Develop your Plan B and get your CV ready.