How to win at Job Interviews.

1/28/2020, By Adrian Choo

How to win at hashtagJob Interviews. Here are some simple hashtagInterview tips... Which many don't often follow...

⚀Start with a good impression. Dress sharp, speak well, smile. ⚁Begin with a clear introduction that's less than 1 min. Who you are, what exactly you do, what you've done. ⚂Pause and think before answering questions. Don't rush to answer. ⚃ Talk about how you can solve their challenges, usually by making them money, saving them money or enabling them to make or save money. ⚄ Ask what his biggest challenge is. Then spend some time sharing how your experience can directly help him solve this problem. ⚅ Offer your Point of View regarding the industry or some little known fact about your business. Let him feel he has learnt something from the interview. Be prepared, mentally and content-wise. Interviews are mind games and you need to strategise carefully for maximum impact. Do you have any other tips to add? Good luck!!