Managing the coronavirus pandemic in your organisation

1/31/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

Dear Gabi,

I was told to implement a business continuity plan very urgently with the recent Coronavirus situation.  
Do you have any advice?



Dear Julie,

I’m so happy to hear that you’re being proactive with the virus situation.

Here are 4 quick pointers:

  1. Check your corporate insurance coverage on any potential financial support for this Coronavirus pandemic.

  2. Do refer to MOH’s official travel advisory regularly, and map to your employees who travel to affected areas. Their website is updated regularly on the latest announcements on any disease outbreak. If any of your employees have traveled to any affected areas, they should visit the relevant hospital or clinics for a thorough check-up immediately and receive the proper medical attention. They should stay at home until they recover fully or when the incubation period of the virus is over. As HR, do communicate and reassure these employees that the Company will support them with all necessary compensation and insurance coverage.

  3. If your company uses technological tools for communications like Slack or Microsoft Teams, you may allow your employees to work from home, especially if they are unwell to prevent any further spread of any viruses or diseases. If some employees are required to work onsite, do create a process to track who was onsite to ensure contact tracing can be done in the event of an outbreak.

  4. If resources permit, surgical masks should be provided to your employees since it is usually difficult to purchase surgical masks at times like this.

Hope these 4 quick pointers are of use! Good luck!