Tips for Skype Interviews

2/3/2020, By Adrian Choo

Five Simple Tips for Skype Interviews These days, many interviews are conducted remotely. 1. Speak slowly. Enunciate your words carefully. The Interviewer may not be familiar with your accent, so try to be as clear as possible. Also, there could be data lag, so don't rush it. 2. Choose a professional setting. If you're doing the call from home, ensure there are no screaming kids or dirty clothing hanging behind you. Make sure the lighting is sufficient as well. Do a dry run before to check your equipment. 3. Dress sharp even if you're taking the call from home at 11pm...wear office clothes, at least from the waist upwards. 😁 4. Can't remember your talking points? Write them on post-it notes and stick them to your table or wall behind the screen and use them as cheatsheets. The Interviewer can't see them. 5. Don't prattle on. Skype calls can be nerve wrecking for the uninitiated. Say your piece, pause and let them ask another question. Be comfortable with silence. You'll get better with practice... Good luck with the Interview!