Your Spouse vs Your Career

2/4/2020, By Adrian Choo

How does your spouse factor into your career decisions? I once had a 36 yr old finance candidate who was being made the Offer of her lifetime with a HUGE pay rise. It was a Regional Finance Controller job with a fast growing Technology company. She had verbally accepted the offer, then over the weekend, called me back to say she had to turn it down. "Right now, my husband and I both carpool to work. He's unhappy that If I take this job, the office is in the opposite direction and we can't carpool anymore." Sensing a lame excuse, I probed further. It turns out, with this new role, she would be earning a whole lot more than him and his precious male ego couldn't take it. Sadly, she turned the offer down. "I just want peace in the household, ok? " she said sadly. Do you think she made the right choice? Would you?