What your emails say about you.

2/10/2020, By Adrian Choo

What your emails say about you. We receive an average of 121 business emails a day...if you're lucky. Have you ever wondered what message about yourself that you're spreading in your organisation? 1. Too long/rambling emails. This shows your poor communication skills and lack of focus. Keep your emails short and concise. 2. "Hi Bro, help help lah..." Are your messages too informal? It may be ok to send to a colleague, but if it gets forwarded up to the CEO, it can get a bit awkward. 3. Bad grammar/English. This is a particular sin, especially when you're communicating with a foreigner who thinks Singapore is a province in China. It's a Global Stage... Act Global. You should treat your outgoing emails as an "Advertising Channel". People form impressions of you via what they read, especially those who aren't physically around you, like your boss' Boss in HQ. Use it to curate your Brand of Calm, Confident, Problem Solving, Distinguished, etc. Happy emailing folks!