How to get your CV noticed by Headhunters.

2/12/2020, By Adrian Choo

How to get your CV noticed by Headhunters. Did you know Headhunters receive over 80 CVs a day, many of which are irrelevant spam? We hardly look at these resumes, unless they stand out. Here are 3 tips! 1. Make it relevant. Take some time on the company website to find out who the Consultant covering your sector is. It's no point sending your Investment Banking CV to one covering Life Sciences. Do your homework. 2. Be courteous. At least, address the consultant by name, not "Dear Recruiter"... And give them an idea as to what you're looking for. We hate those "Here's my CV... Go figure out what you can do with it" type of mails. 3. Keep your CV short...Headhunters have no time to pore through your 7 page CV. Be clear, succinct and hashtagPosition yourself correctly. And bonus tip... Don't expect the hashtagHeadhunter to work for you. They don't. Don't expect regular follow ups and don't stalk them.