Would you discount your own Price/Salary?

2/20/2020, By Adrian Choo

"I want your Coaching services, but let me pay you half upfront and the other half as 'success fee' when I land a job." "How about giving me a 40% discount off your price? 30% can? 25%?" How do you deal with prospective clients (or employers) who just want to bargain you down? We had several last year... Whom we turned away. Here's our advice. 1. Know your value. Remember... You are offering a valuable service. If you're really good and there's no one else who can do the magic you do, don't back down on prices (salary) as long as you're reasonable. 2. Stand your ground. Would you bargain with your dentist? If you know your value-add is real, why should you discount YOUR time and effort? At most, throw in an additional freebie, but don't cave in on pricing. 3. Be professional. Don't take these complaints personally. If nobody is complaining about your prices, you're probably undercharging). Be mindful of your image and reputation. For the guy who asked for the 'success fee', I told him, "Would you trust a Surgeon who offers you 50% balance 'if you survive'?". We declined to work with him. Would you discount your own Price/Salary?