Organizational development (OD) during COVID-19

2/24/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

Hi Gabi,

With some people off on 14 day-LOAs, quarantine, working-from-home or taking 5-day MCs, there's a distinct slowdown in business activities. What else can we do for the business during such times? 



Dear Ruth,

In quiet times, you can do more planning activities like strategy discussions, in relation to business plans for next FY, better employee engagement plans, market, and competitive analyses. You now have more time and headspace for Organizational Development in order to be ready to hit the market when things go back to normal.  

Here are 3 quick thoughts:

1.  Strategy & Planning: Brainstorm business strategies like diversifying your logistics supply chains, refocusing your target audiences and/or marketing strategies in this new business environment. This is also an opportune time to build content and other thought leadership to boost your company’s strategic marketing efforts to get ready for post-COVID-19 business pick up.

2.  Employee engagement measures: Simple virtual ways to engage and motivate your employees like sharing regular video or live updates that can be webcast on the team chat channels, sharing pictures of pets or home offices on a separate chat channel or providing regular updates about the impact of their work.

3. Learning and development: This is a good time for your employees to attend webinars for personal and professional development. Career Agility International is organizing regular webcasts for our clients, contact us if you are exploring career development, executive coaching, and executive search.

All the best,