Words of Encouragement.

3/16/2020, By Adrian Choo

Words of Encouragement.
If you're worried about catching the Covid Virus, stay calm, observe hygiene rules and stay away from crowds.
If you're a Business Owner like me and are worried about the economy, stay calm and think of transforming your business (like the way we're moving our content online).
If you're worried about your job, stay calm and focus on the things you can do, rather than the things you can't.

1. Are there new opportunities to develop new products/services?
2. Can you collect your company's receivables sooner?
3. Can you put together a training program for your staff during downtime?
4. If you still have a budget, can you support a local business by buying their service?

Let's not panic and become paralyzed... Let's all take action and look forward to the recovery that's coming soon!