Getting 'chunky' from WFH?

4/16/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

Are you worried about your WFH snacking habits and inactivity? Here are some tried and tested solutions: 1. Snacking uncontrollably - avoid merging your workspace and dining space. Set a designated location to have your meals - you can move to the living room or kitchen to have your meals and snacks. Instead of walking to the fridge, try the activities in no. 2. 2. Lack of energy - Stand up and walk at least 250 steps (2 mins or so). If your space is constricted, do 20 squats or jumping jacks or pushups. If possible, go for a walk in the evenings to boost your energy levels and immune system. 3. Cabin fever (especially for extraverts) - Organise short video calls with your team members or contacts (great for networking) to boost your energy levels. What other tips have you used to combat WFH issues?