Job hunting Dos and Don'ts

4/17/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

I have been receiving unsolicited resumes from complete strangers on my work WhatsApp number. If you are job hunting during this season, please NEVER do the following: 1. Send a message that says "Hello sir ma'am you have available slot for me". This is bad English, I have no idea who is communicating with me and what kind of slot is this person asking for? 2. Attach your resume and say "Good morning. Job aplication". I read the resume and this welder attached his passport information! Do your research, I am not in the construction business. And never share your passport details to anyone unless they are doing employment reference checks. 3. Write an ultra-long message (more than 7 paragraphs) and send it past 9pm to a stranger whom you hope will hire you. You will likely annoy the very person you are trying to impress! If you are facing challenges in job hunting in this frozen climate, sign up for the next Ask Me Anything Series with Adrian Choo and Sze-Yen Chee on 5th May at 8am to 9am - Our session on 21st April is overbooked due to an overwhelming response. Thank you for your support!