I've been retrenched (part 2)

7/7/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

I've been retrenched...so what's next? (Part 2)

If you need a job urgently and a Singaporean/PR, here are some resources for you:

1. SGUnited Jobs and Skills package (https://www.wsg.gov.sg/SGUnited.html) that aims to help about 100,000 Singaporeans, find long term and short term employment opportunities.

2. Covid-19 Support Grant (https://www.supportgowhere.gov.sg/)provides cash assistance retrenched employees or contract termination or involuntary n- pay leave (3 months) or 30% salary reduction (3 months) after 23rd January 2020.

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The most important aspect – Keep a positive mindset!

This is a challenging time for many of us. The key is to network, do your research, and keep going! The job market is picking up so it’s only a matter of time before you land a suitable role.

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We are cheering you on!

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