Encash Outplacement Benefits?

8/27/2020, By Sze-Yen Chee

Dear Yen,  

I need some advice on an Employee who is negotiating to encash his Outplacement benefit. Not only is it our policy NOT to do this, I obviously know that it would be in his best interest to utilize the Outplacement coaching.  He said his ex-colleagues have told him that the program was “useless.” 

Please advise me on the benefits of Outplacement support besides the generic resume/interview/job search preparations 


Dear Jean,


We’ve heard this many times. Some highly agile individuals, well-networked and resilient types may not feel they need the Outplacement support. Some of them have been retrenched before, and feel that it’s just more of the same. But no, it’s slightly different every time. Here are the nuances:  

1) Outplacement coaches certainly can help with finetuning the Resume and LinkedIn, and more importantly, offer an objective perspective to the individuals’ Positioning. Because we’re objective, we can help identify blindspots, crystallize ideas, and use more concise vocabulary. Also with the passing of time, the person’s professional identity and positioning have to be updated. 

2) The Career Coach can help with Interview practice, or help the Individual be more prepared. It’s a very powerful confidence-building activity to just talk through and reinforce the points that the individual might want to highlight during the interview. Sometimes I provide stronger vocabulary so the individual can be more succinct in his message. Role-play really helps too. Occasionally, recorded role-play interview can help the individual see their expressions.  

3) Recruiters, Job Applications, Job Search strategies: It’s helpful to have an objective partner on the job search journey. This holds the individual accountable, and progress can be charted. 


4) Psychological and emotional support. Knowing someone is in your corner is very helpful in maintaining and sustaining confidence and resilience. 

5) The Career Coach can help beyond just job search, but with career resilience, management, and agility. We’ve worked with individuals on strategies to remain agile in a VUCA environment. 

6) Onboarding support. Getting the job is just step one. Having a successful onboarding can go a long way to building a strong track record within the job. The career coach can help the individual avoid pitfalls and speedbumps.  

7) Objective feedback on all other areas including Networking, Executive Presence, Managing Difficult People, Leading Teams, and many other professional career-related issues.  

Do inform your staff that he should ask to speak to his Outplacement Coach before making any decisions. Perhaps this can help clarify his concerns.  

All the best!