Increase Employee Job Satisfaction with a simple tool?

11/6/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

Here is a case study.  


One of our clients in the pharmaceutical sector utilized our Career Agility Index dashboard as part of their employee engagement initiative and found out that:  


More than half of the finance department were Career Lions and were unhappy with their careers.   


A Career Lion™ is an individual who stands proud, is agile and adaptive to the environment around him. He knows where to hunt for new opportunities and when his domain runs out of prey, he will move to richer hunting grounds to stay ahead of his competition.  


The specific data showed that the finance team felt that they were underpaid, the HR leaders were puzzled as their salaries were recently revised and on par with industry standards.  


Upon further investigation, they found that the finance team were overworked and under immense pressure, resulting in dissatisfaction and attrition. It turned out the real issue was not salary after all. HR and Business Leaders quickly obtained approval for more headcount in the finance department.   


Do reach out to us so we can show you the Career Agility dashboard and answer any questions you may have on how to leverage this tool to plan for more effective employee engagement strategies.  


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