Could you have too many Career Pandas in your Company?

11/10/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

A Career Panda™ is someone who has been too comfortable with his career over the years and has become fat, immobile, and endangered. Career Pandas can be identified in many large organizations by their lack of enthusiasm, outdated skill sets, and difficulty adjusting to new technologies or changes. Career Pandas are often at risk of being retrenched.  

Let me share a case study with you.

One of our clients who is a Multinational Company utilized our Career Agility Index dashboard as part of their employee engagement initiative and found out that more than half of the human resources and IT departments were Career Pandas.

The specific data showed that the IT team had a number of unhappy pandas in their team, which meant that they were not just difficult to motivate, they were also spreading negativity to affect their peers. In a word, they were becoming toxic. 

Upon further engagement, they found that these toxic pandas were led by a disgruntled team leader who was passed on for promotions three times in a row. His behaviors became somewhat antagonistic and he often made work difficult for his department head. HR and business leaders took the necessary action to issue a warning to this IT team lead and put him on a PIP.

That managed to stem the negativity and the client’s engagement scores nudged up significantly. 

Do reach out to us so we can show you the Career Agility dashboard and answer any questions you may have on how to leverage this tool to plan for more effective employee engagement strategies.

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