Are there T-Rex dinosaurs in your Team?

11/13/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

In any organization, there are always Career T-Rexes. These are staff who have lots of grand plans and ambitions but are unable to fulfill them because they do not have the agility, skill, or knowledge to execute them. They end up being frustrated with their situations and could turn toxic. Career T-Rexes are also at risk of being retrenched. 

Let me share a case study with you. One of our clients is a mid-sized MNC tech company that utilized the Career Agility Index dashboard and found out that one-third of their product management team were Career T-Rexes. The results confirmed the business leaders’ suspicions and explained why their technical products were constantly delayed. 

Further investigation by HR showed that the team members were full of ideas but were unable to deliver on them. They were disorganized and spent many unproductive hours exploring ideas instead of executing the work. With HR’s support, the company hired an executive coach to provide the team with effective management tools and techniques. The Career Agility Index provided the Business Leaders with "Data-driven Career Insights" which allowed for effective interventions. 

Do reach out to us so we can show you the Career Agility dashboard and answer any questions you may have on how to leverage this tool to plan for more effective employee engagement strategies. You may wish to try the Career Agility Index as a user (usual price USD49.90) and use VIP2020 to upgrade to a complimentary Premium Career Agility Report and experience our AI-powered tool for yourself. 

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