Your Wellbeing

11/13/2020, By Valerie Ang

Happy Friday!
It’s the end of the week, time to rest, recharge, and take care of your health!
One way to take care of ourselves is to be conscious of our wellbeing at work. How can we Improve Wellbeing at Work?
Step outside. Go to a garden and look at the plants and the rocks. Take short breaks. Look at the sky. Notice the weather. Breathe deeply and slowly. Focus on the way you breathe and how it feels. Savour the moment.
Connect with the people around you. Be open to meeting new people. Check on your family and friends. Call and say hi to old colleagues. Appreciate the people around you. Be a good listener.
Be on the move. Run or Cycle. Do some yoga. Choose the stairs rather than the lift. Take short walks. Alternate between sitting and standing when working on your laptop. Stretch.
Learn a new activity. Try something new. Rediscover an old hobby. Take on a new responsibility. Challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone.
Do something nice for someone. Be compassionate. Help someone. Volunteer your time. Thank someone. Count your blessings. Be generous. Be grateful.
These are simple things you can do at work to help you BE HAPPY!😊 It also helps you find balance, build resilience, and boost mental health and wellbeing!