12/1/2020, By Valerie Ang

Especially for HR Leaders and Professionals! “LEADERS IN THE HOT-SEAT” - A Master-Class Learning Series (4) 

 (1) - MANPOWER CHALLENGES (2021 & BEYOND) December 03, 2020 (Thursday) (5.00 PM – 6.00 PM) 

This is the 1st of our Master-Class Learning Series of 4 discussion sessions (1. Manpower; 2. Employee Engagement & Communications; 3. Leadership & 4. Learning & Development).

DID YOU KNOW?- The biggest MANPOWER challenges for 2020 & 2021, confirmed by our HR survey are: 

Retention & Development of Employees, Recruitment & Acquisition, Retrenchment & Displacement & Unemployment 

During these last 10 months, organizations, businesses & people have been taking a “hammering” & the Manpower challenges above are at the heart of survival & long-term sustainability for all of us. These sharing & discussions will help bring more clarity to the challenges we are facing. More importantly, provide possible solutions & actions to positively address. Do join us to “Learn from our Leaders in the Hot Seat”, so that we can find ways & ideas to develop actions that can address these challenges & re-build for a better, stronger, more sustainable future. 

Here’s the link to sign-up: https://forms.gle/uecUj5J73RMJ1Chi7

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