Are there Canaries in your Team?

11/30/2020, By Gabrielle Loh

In any organization, there are always Career Canaries. Career Canaries™ are agile but having been in their cage (job or company) for many years, they have forgotten how to fly. Safe in the confines of their gilded cage they will turn their back on any growth opportunity, choosing the comfort and safety of what is known. 

This could be problematic for career progression and corporate agility in disruptive times. Career Canaries are also at risk of being retrenched. 

Let me share a case study with you. 

One of our clients is a multinational oil major that utilized the Career Agility Index dashboard. The results indicated that more than half of their employees were Career Canaries and a large group has worked in the organization for decades. The management observed that these employees were often very resistant to changes and when Covid-19 hit, these employees were unable to adapt to the new remote working environment and were also unable to lead key business initiatives to cope with the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the oil and gas industry. 

With HR’s support, the company hired an executive coach to provide these employees with Career Agility and change management techniques. The Career Agility Index provided the Business Leaders with "Data-driven Career Insights" which allowed for effective interventions. 

Do reach out to us at [email protected] so we can show you the Career Agility dashboard and answer any questions you may have on how to leverage this tool to plan for more effective employee engagement strategies. 

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