Staying Motivated at the end of 2020

12/17/2020, By Valerie Ang

How can we stay #motivated during the end-of-year stretch?
As we near the end of the year, it can seem harder to stay motivated and focused. Along with the distractions of the holiday season, many of us are simply exhausted or unmotivated. So, what can we do?
1. #SetAchievableGoals and check-in on your progress occasionally, and truthfully assess if you’re on track.
2. #TakeRegularBreaks every 90 minutes, preferably doing fun activities while you break – go for coffee, for a walk, or call a friend.
3. #KnowYourPriorities and ensure you’re aware of your workload. Do the important things first.
4. #CelebrateYourWins and reward yourself for the work you’ve done! Cheers! 🥂