CV Mistakes

1/11/2021, By Adrian Choo

3 CV Mistakes Even Senior Executives Make

1. Length

As an experienced Head hunter, I stop reading a candidate's CV after page 4.

Anything else after that is ignored.

Your CV should be a Brochure, not the Operations Manual! Try squeezing it down to 3 pages... You can do it!

2. Form over Substance

I've NEVER believed in paying a Company to do your CV for you.

Why fork out $400 to have your CV merely reformatted and realigned, with random keywords thrown in...

And often, this 20 minute job is outsourced to some stranger located offshore? (You could get that done for only $5 on Fiverr!)

Your CV should TELL YOUR #CareerStory in YOUR OWN VOICE, highlighting your set of #UniqueSkills and reinforcing your #Positioning.

And only YOU know yourself well enough to do that, so invest your time on this important task!

3. Mistakes

Typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes...are signs of a sloppy candidate. It shows the reader you don't care

enough to double check. Have someone proofread your CV before you send it out.

Your CV is an important document you need on your Career Journey...

Its purpose is land you the interview, not the make it relevant enough for them to WANT to meet you.

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