Career Success

1/19/2021, By Adrian Choo

On this very day 3 years ago…

I boldly took a step out of Corporate Life to start #careerağilityinternational

as a One-man Experiment in Career Coaching.

I must admit, it was TERRIFYING.

Being the sole Breadwinner with 2 young children, the pressure was high.

Even my wife asked me, "Are you Crazy?"

But I persevered on, sank roots, grew wings, and made a lot of clients who became good friends.

And things turned out well.


If you're facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge that's really important to you,

hang in there.

Mark January 19, 2024 in your calendar.

Three years from now, you will be looking back at this, smiling and saying, "I made it."