Career Strategy

2/15/2021, By Adrian Choo

The 3 R's of Career Strategy

Here are my 3 R's you must do on a regular basis if you want to Achieve Career Success.

1. #Rest

Are you getting enough sleep? Why are you staying back so late? Can you practice 'Strategic Procrastination'? Give yourself time to recharge and enjoy your life. Don't get burnt out!

2. #Reflect

Have you begun thinking about What's Next? What are you going to do in your next role? What are your Career Success Factors and how are you going about achieving them? You need to constantly reflect on the changing circumstances in your life and the job market to make sure both are aligned.

3. #Refuel

Refuel your Mind, that is... Are you running on ideas that are outdated? Are you aware of the latest trends in your industry? Are you equipped with the new thoughts and ideas to propel your career forward?

Read a book. Often.

Listen to speakers. Learn.

Seek advice. Now.

With the Chinese New Year holidays coming up, take a break to think about these 3 R's even as you're spending time with your families.

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