Career Advice

2/26/2021, By Adrian Choo

Q: Dear Adrian... I hate my job. Should I Quit? - James

A: Hi James... We have all been there... And have somehow survived.

Before slapping your resignation letter on your boss' desk, ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Is the key reason you want to quit Temporary or Permanent?

If it is a fleeting situation, eg, the once-a-year audit is simply too much to handle,. Then tell yourself, "Hang in there! It'll be over soon!" But if it's a long-term reason like "the office politics here is too toxic", then maybe it's time to move.

2. Do you have a Plan B? Are you quitting with something in hand or at least, with a backup plan in mind?

Be smart... Have a few viable options on the table or better still, a better job waiting for you before you pull the trigger.

3. Is the unhappiness of this job, killing you inside?

Are you waking up, absolutely dreading to go to work? Is it affecting your sleep at night or your mental health? If it is affecting you physically, mentally, or even spiritually, then make plans to leave the role, boss, or company.

Always remember that with a fair bit of planning and #CareerStråtegy, making yourself happier at work is possible!

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