How do I negotiate for higher salary?

4/25/2019, By Adrian Choo

“How do I negotiate for a better salary at the Interview?" 

Here are 3 ways.

1. Do exceptionally well at the interview. If you can clearly articulate the Value you can bring to their organisation, they will be willing to extend their budgets if necessary. This means you have to be at the top of your Interview Game.

2. Be Bold. Don't be shy about asking a higher price than what they are budgeting. If you are clear on the Value you bring, ask for more. One of my clients asked for a 25% increase because he promised them a 50% increase in sales...and he got it.

3. If they're at the maximum salary budget, ask for Perks. Last month, I got my client an extra Housing Allowance worth 30% of his base salary. Another time, I taught a Finance director how to get a $50k sign on bonus. Don't just look at salary alone! 

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