Why hasn't the headhunter called me back after 2 weeks?

5/2/2019, By Adrian Choo

"It's been 2 weeks... Why hasn't the Headhunter called me back... Should I chase him?"

This is a common question I get. Allow me to let you in on a Dirty Little Secret that over a decade of headhunting has taught me.

If you're their Prime Candidate, they will ALWAYS keep you warm.

Headhunters will never let their Prize Catch swim away.

What that means is that if the headhunter doesn't return your calls, or suddenly grows 'cold' towards you, you ain't the Golden Goose.

Just nudge him/her with one email chaser, and if there's no further reply, leave it and move on to the next opportunity! So don't get angry with the headhunter or lose any sleep...

Instead, stay Positive and focus on getting more opportunities into your pipeline and keep pressing forward!

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