What are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT things Recruiters/Hiring Managers look out for during a Job Interview?

5/7/2019, By Adrian Choo

Believe it or not, the Interviewer is almost always secretly hoping you are the perfect one for the role. His/her job is more to 'qualify' you than to 'disqualify' you, hence, make their job easier. They are primarily evaluating you on:

1. Can you do the job? 

Are you qualified to do the role? Do you have the necessary experience? Do you have the skills required? How good are you at those skills/experience? It is your job during the interview to prepare examples of past successes to assure them you can do the job and do it well.

2. Can this person fit in? 

One of the biggest fears for any hiring manager is whether there will be an 'organ rejection' if you join them and the team decides you're not a good fit (or vice versa). Or worse still, you piss everyone off and the team quits!

To counter this, understand what the culture is at the company, and provide examples of how you are like that too. (You can find out the culture by asking your headhunter or friends in that company).

3. Do I like this candidate?

From my 13 yrs of headhunting, there is an unwritten rule which says... "All else being equal, the nicer, and better looking candidate will get the role." Now, I can't help much on the 'better looking' part, but it pays to be nice and likeable during the interview.

Smile, show enthusiasm, nod, be agreeable, show warmth in a sincere manner. If you were doing the hiring, would you choose a likeable person who could do the job, or a VERY qualified person who comes across as disagreeable, unfriendly or even arrogant? So, be nice. Even before you step into the interview room. Keep the lift door open, Thank the Receptionist.

(I had a candidate who made a rude gesture to someone in the building carpark only to discover it was his interviewer). There are many other things interviewers look out for.

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