"But I don't have paper qualifications..."

8/12/2019, By Adrian Choo

"But I don't have paper qualifications..." That's what James told me when I advised him to apply for a Sales Manager role. Employers these days are looking for 'Promise of Results', not some fancy piece of paper. Don't focus on what you don't have. Rather, highlight what you DO have. For instance, o 15 years in the industry o Track record of exceeding sales targets o Supportive network of ready clients who'd buy from you o Deep understanding of the products o Energy and Drive to grow the business Do you think the lack of a piece of paper will sink your chances at a highly skills-based job like this? Sit down and invest some time listing your skills... It's not easy, but you'd be surprised how many you have. If you can't, then come to us to learn how to do it. "Until you know what your selling, no one is going to buy you."