8/5/2019, By Adrian Choo

Today I want to talk about burnout. It's a common condition in Singapore's Workplace. Statistics show we already work the longest hours, get the least amount of sleep, and have one of the highest costs of living in the world. I'm sure more people are burnt out than they would like to admit. Let's think about it. 1. Working unnecessarily long hours. Do you really have to stay back till 7pm everyday? How about late night Conference Calls and after hours WhatsApp messages? Learn to control your own timing. Is the work urgent or important? Can it wait? Can I decline the Teleconference? 2. Doing things that you don't like - even though you may be Great at it can cause burnout. Especially if it's repetitive or 'not fun'. Explore what you don't like doing and do not spend more than 30% doing it - outsource or decline. 3. Not resting and recharging. Take short breaks in the afternoon. Nap if needed. Steal an afternoon off to rest. Create your own long weekend. You're human, not a machine. Life is a marathon not a sprint. Don't die for your company.