Writing a Good Resume is Not as Straightforward as You Think

8/1/2019, By Chee Sze Yen

As a Career Coach, I’m frequently asked to fix resumes. But I can’t. Not without first meeting with you, at least having a conversation, understanding your positioning, your competencies, and your target market. It’s a collaborative effort, but the contents belong to you. I provide clarity, perhaps some vocabulary, and at the last stage, formatting for readability.

In the last 3 months, I’ve met as several senior executives who paid professional resume writers to produce resumes filled with buzzwords and empty lingo.

Beautiful format aside, the contents were fuzzy and unclear.

Every person is unique and all career journeys have speed bumps. How does one explain a career break in the resume? Should one write the reason for leaving, for every role? What about “confidential” information? How is it that some people recommend putting the dates for the education, but some people say that’s a bad idea? What else should be added to the document? Should you highlight all the training you’ve ever received? Some people say putting hobbies/interests is a good idea, but others say no? Should you include referee information?

So many contradictions!

If you decide to get a professional resume writer to help you with your resume, do get involved in the process. Find one who understands your market. Do seek your own career clarity before simply following a standard template. Decide on a resume strategy that works for your targeted reader.

And if your resume version is one where you have been adding on subsequent roles with each new job over the years, it’s time for a reboot.  

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