Is CV Writing worth the money spend?

7/22/2019, By Adrian Choo

Why Spending Your Hard-earned Money for CV Writing Services is a POOR Investment. ⚀ Why pay someone $300 just to reformat and change the font of your CV? ⚁Some of these CV Writers just outsource it to an offshore team for $50/job anyway. ⚂ The CV Writer doesn't know your exact Value Creation and can't message your Positioning within that 30 min phonecall. ⚃ Your CV needs to be 'in your own voice', not some 3rd party you spoke over the phone. Headhunters like myself can spot a manufactured CV a mile away. ⚄ If you need to have someone write your CV just to 'hack' the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), your Positioning and Approach is fundamentally flawed to begin with. ⚅ SOME CV writers promise you a 30% increase in salary. Don't fall for that... RUBBISH.

A piece of paper isn't going to do that... Understanding the Talent Market for your space, designing your precise Positioning and practicing your perfect Pitch will. In summary, don't choose this easy way out... This road is littered with regrets. Speak to us instead...