Unpleasant Job Interview

8/19/2019, By Adrian Choo

Dear Adrian, I sat through a rather unpleasant 1 hr job interview yesterday with an interviewer who was quite hostile and rude. What could I have done? Melissa Dear Melissa. Remember the Golden Rule of Interviewing... "As much as they're choosing you, you're also CHOOSING THEM." It's a 2 way street. If you feel uncomfortable or if you're being bullied, just stand up, politely thank the Interviewer for his time, and walk off. (YES, Adrian Choo is giving you permission to do that!!)

You don't have to put up with people who disrespect you... And you definitely wouldn't want to work with them either, would you? So, don't put up with any abuse. What's the worst behavior you've experienced with an Interviewer?