3 Practical Tips for Job interview

9/9/2019, By Adrian Choo

Are you headed for a Job Interview soon? Here are 3 Practical Tips. 1. For men, never bring along your Haversack. It is clumsy to carry (you have to unsling it to get it off. Not very professional!) and if it's heavy, it makes you look like a schoolkid. Moreover, the straps are going to crumple your neatly pressed shirt. Bad idea (See picture). Instead, bring a smart looking briefcase or even a laptop bag. 2. For ladies, don't overaccesorize! Too much bling is distracting and could take away your credibility. Don't bring your flashy designer bag because you never can tell what your Interviewer (females especially) is going to feel about it. Stay safe. Bring a black bag with an open top that looks professional. 3. Make sure you smell nice. Seriously. If you're the type to perspire easily and have to walk in the hot sun to get to the Interviewer's office, make sure you spray a light touch of deodorant.

If you're a smoker, don't smoke. Stale cigarette smell is a turnoff to non-smokers. Schedule the interview first thing in the morning if you can't stay away from smoking that long. Good luck!