How do we measure success?

9/2/2019, By Adrian Choo

"A person's Success isn't measured by what he has achieved... but by what he had to give up in order to achieve it." The Dalai Lama

Often, we look at a super successful person driving his flashy car to a fancy restaurant.

We all somehow aspire to be like that. But have you asked yourself, what did he have to give up in order to achieve that level of 'Success'? Late nights on conference calls instead of creating fond memories for his children? Taking moral shortcuts to get deals done quickly, compromising his integrity? Extensive business travel resulting in him spending more time with his colleagues than his wife, resulting in Marital issues? Don't get me wrong... It's great to be successful! But beware the 'backward-bending curve' where being 'more successful' comes at an even higher, more painful cost. Do you know where to draw the line? Money, Title, Fame isn't the only 'Success' there is out there. Family, Health, Relationships, Integrity and simply being able to sleep well... These are the 'Successes' I strive for daily. What are your priorities in life?