Need good advice for Career Crossroad?

8/26/2019, By Adrian Choo

"When cooking, a blunt knife is always more dangerous than a sharp one." That's what my mom, a Peranakan cook, taught me as I was learning her secret recipe for Lamb Rendang. "Because it isn't sharp, you tend to use more force and it will slip out of your hand and cut you." Likewise, if you are at a Career Crisis or Crossroad, don't seek advice from well-meaning friends or inexperienced/'Self-professed' Coaches. Poor advice will cost you dearly. How then do you assess a Coach? 1. Look at their previous 15 years' experience. Is it relevant to Career Consulting? Are they Experts in Career Coaching? Has coaching been their Career? 2. Look at their testimonials (on linkedin)... Are there any? Are those genuine? See the choice of words used. 3. Is there good chemistry? Do you trust him? Is what he's saying making sense? Is he sincere in helping you? Do you like him? Your Career is your biggest Asset... Do not leave it on the hands of amateurs. If you're at a Career Crossroad or experiencing a Career Crisis right now, contact us... We are happy to see how we can help.